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ACCP 38th AGM & Conference

CariSec Global Inc. Managing Director Edward Millington was honoured to be present and actively participated in the ACCP 38th Annual General Meeting & Conference. The conference provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the general concerns and challenges faced by law enforcement officials, as well as the increasing use of technology to aid in policing and fighting crime.

In his presentation and workshop, Mr. Millington emphasized the importance of developing cyber resilience and maintaining the Rule of Law through effective cyber risk management. He argued that the ongoing digital transformation of law enforcement requires greater awareness of growing digital security risks. Thus, it is crucial to proactively and strategically monitor these risks to protect policing operations from exploitation and disruption by cyber criminals. He also stressed that high levels of risk can lead to data breaches, uncertainty about the integrity and availability of digital evidence, and significant operational losses, impacting law enforcement, public trust, and safety. Additionally, he explained that security incidents create digital liabilities and affect the Rule of Law.

At the end of the discussion, Mr Millington informed the Commissioners of Police about their unique expertise and position, which makes them invaluable in understanding digital security risks, their implications, and the most effective ways to address them. He emphasized the importance of their leadership and strategic decision-making in protecting law enforcement’s digital infrastructures’ integrity and security. Additionally, Mr. Millington reiterated CariSec Global Inc.’s readiness to support them through this venture.

We look forward to 2025 for the next annual general meeting and conference!