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Automated Cybersecurity Awareness Training


In today’s competitive market, businesses must embrace digital transformation to meet customer demands and expectations, but with this comes an increased threat of cyber-attacks and breaches. Digital transformation technologies are extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks designed to breach valuable data. This data can contain confidential, intellectual, and private information, which cyber criminals aim to sell at the highest bidding with no empathy to the organisation or business, far less the customer – identify as us, our families, friends, etc.

Transformational Technologies core to the Business Digital Transformation program

Cyber risks can have a severe impact on a business’s viability and should not be taken lightly, especially in accordance with data protection laws and regulations, regulatory industry compliance and other adverse business-related resulting risks – such as financial, legal, operational, etc. risks. The ability to understand and manage such cyber risks is reflected in the maturity of the organisation/business strategic security program, which will demonstrate its cyber resilience capacity capability level.

Organizations and businesses must implement Security Awareness Programs to combat criminal agendas. Building a cyber-human firewall is one of the most crucial risk-based security controls that should be implemented. These programs should comply with the overarching cyber risk management program to maintain safety in the current cyberwarfare atmosphere. Failing to do so may result in devastating consequences for all parties involved. It is vital to take swift and resolute actions in response to digital transformation risks that will continue beyond 2023.

On October 30, 2023, we comprehensively reviewed cyber awareness training in the 1-hour 12-minute special webinar, where we went beyond the common today’s norms in cyber awareness training with Cywareness.

Presentation topics:

  • Organisational Cyber Awareness: Why it is essential to understanding today’s organisation’s expanding threat landscape.
  • Building the human firewall: Comprehensive AI-driven awareness training.
  • AI-enabled simulation attacks: Emails, SMS and Micro-training sessions.
  • Automated Training – Utilisation of Videos, Simulated Threat Tests, etc.
  • Insights: Providing complete visibility into the employees’ awareness levels, performance, and progress, and comprehensive organisation data analysis and reports.
  • Enabling Employees’ Defence Reporting: Native Reporting Plugins, Response Console, First-Aid Forensics.