We are an experienced team with over 20+ years in Information & Cyber Security, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning, Risk Management, ICT, Telecommunications and Technology Project Management.



St. Geaorge, Barbados


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Founder & Managing director


Edward Millington (BSc, CISSP, ISSA, MCIIS, MIET, PAN-ACE) is the Founder and Managing Director of CariSec Global Inc., a Caribbean (Barbados) based company and a Principal Security Consultant, strategically focused on providing Security & ICT Governance and Services to organisations operating in the following sectors: financial, government, health, manufacturing, private, retail, and energy and utilities.

He is an Information Systems Security/ICT/Telecommunications Veteran of 22yrs, where he directed organisations, leading them in the achievement of further financial goals through strategic planning, designing, and solutions direction.

His specialties are in Policy Development, IT & Security Governance, Information & Cyber Security Risk Management, Enterprise Defense & Security, Cybersecurity Incident Management, Malware & Attack Technologies, and Security Operations. His complex skills, knowledge, and experience assisted many organisations such as Internet Services Providers, ICT Service Providers, Telcos, Banking, Government, and Governmental Organisations in their development and services evolution. One key highlight of his veteran career was his instrumental service to the Government of Barbados, developing and enhancing its Information and Cyber Security Posture.

As a Cybersecurity Awareness Advocate, he has been advocating for True XDR and Zero-trust implementations to organisations since 2018, encouraging them to continue the advancement and development in Security Engineering, thereby enhancing Defense & Security in the identification, detection, protection, responding, and recovery from cyber threats and attacks, and Malicious Insider Activities and in 2021, as an active member and promoter of the Chartered Institute of Information Security (CIISec), led international Masterclasses with Palo Alto Networks on such subject matters. He is also heavily in the promotion of Information Security Governance to organisations with a focus on Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC).